how to make aloo poori


Aloo bhaji is very simple and authentic indian recipe , which you would get in every indian women's kitchen . Some of additional indian spices and herbs can enhance its taste . So here is my recipe .

Ingredients :

1- Two cups Potato peeled and chop
2- Half cup chopped onions
3- One tbsp crushed garlic
4- 1/4 tea spoon methi seeds
5- Seven/eight cloves (Laung)
6- Two pieces of cinnamon
7- A pinch of asafoetida ( Heeng)
8- 2 tsp chilli powder ( choose chilli as per your taste)
9- A pinch turmeric (Haldi)
10- One peeled and chopped tomato
11- Refined oil .
12- Salt as per taste.

Cooking Method :

Dry roast 6 cloves , cinnamon , asafoetida and methi seeds and crush them into powder , heat oil and add finally chopped onions . Fry them till they turn slightly brownish in color , now add chopped tomato and cook till oil seprates . Add potatoes , water (1 and a half cup) , turmeric , salt , chilli powder. Cover and cook , when partially cooked , add crushed garlic and the spice powder ( which we made with cloves and other stuff in begining) . Cook till completely done . Serve hot.

Above qty Serves : 3-4 peoples .
Preparation : 25/30 minutes.

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