Gajar ka halwa Recipe

The most delicious and the most popular dessert in india is Gajar ka halwa, originated from the North and is served hot during winters. Anyways i enjoy Gajar ka halwa hot and with less ghee/ clarified butter. Here is gajar ka halwa made with sweetened condesed milk , easy and quicker method to have gajar ka halwa.

1/2  kg carrots
3 tbsp ghee/ clarified butter
2-3 green cardamoms crushed
140 - 150 gms sweetened condensed milk
sugar if required- optional                                                        
3- 4 almonds sliced
5-6 rasins
4-5 cashews


  • Peel , rinse and grate the carrots with a grater.
  • In kadhai or thick bottomed pan heat ghee, add grated carrots.
  • Saute the carrots till they turn soft and are cooked properly , keep stirring at intervals till they become tender.
  • Now add condensed milk , saute well and add cardamom powder, cashews , almonds and rasins.
  • Simmer the halwa on low flame , stir it occasionally till the mixture reduces.
  • Serve hot
NOTE: If you feel sweetness is less then add little sugar, as i prefer less

                                            PREPARATION TIME: 20- 25 Minutes.
                                                                  SERVES: 3 Persons.

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