Recipe of chicken wraps / wraps and rolls

This recipe is created by me, as where ever I have, I like to experiment that cuisine at times and same I did with these wraps . As started making these wraps , I kept on adding ingredients  my way and it turned out to be delicious and yummy ... ! Instead of using pitta breads or tortillas , I used home made maida rotis ( all purpose flour chapatis ) . This saucy recipe best served as appetizer is easy to make with authentic aroma of oriental style in my way . Its a must try recipe , a lip smacking wraps in " Zulekha's style " . I am sure you will love it .

150 - 175 gms boneless chicken 
1 chopped onion
3 peeled & chopped tomatoes
1 tsp red chilly powder ( kashmiri chilly powder )  
1/2 tsp freshly crushed black pepper
2 tbsp soya sauce
1 tbsp white vinegar
4 nos finely chopped green chilies
Finely chopped long, thin, sliced onions, carrots & green capsicum 
3-4 pods of chopped garlic
1/2 cup chicken stock
maida roti / Pitta bread 
Oil / olive oil 

  • Wash , clean ,cut chicken into small square shaped and boil it with salt , once chicken is cooked , remove the chicken and keep aside preserving the chicken stock as well.
  • In a sauce pan,heat oil, add garlic and onions,saute till they translucent , add tomatoes and fry until they soft.
  • Now add salt, red chilly powder & fry for few minutes.
  • Now add pre boiled chicken, soya sauce , green chilies , vinegar, black pepper and chicken stock .
  • Cook for 5 minutes or until the gravy thickens, remove from fire .
  • Place this chicken filling in the middle of pitta bread / maida roti , top it with some finely chopped onions , carrots & green capsicum and finally roll it tight .
  • Serve hot.
  • Here is your yummy wraps ready.....!


  • Instead of pitta breads , you can use tortillas, or home made wraps ( maida roti)
  • If you adding spicy red chilly powder than add accordingly as green chillies are added too.
  • Adding number of green chillies totallly depends upto your preferences.

                                   PREPARATION TIME: 40 Minutes.
                                                    SERVES: 3-4 Persons.

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