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Recipe Of Crispy Bombil fry | Bombay Duck fry

Bombil fry tastes best when served with daal chawal, I seriously do not know from when did I started having bombils as my dad/ uncle's are fresh  fish suppliers and agents, might be since child hood I guess as every alternate day fish use to be served sometimes during meals or even breakfasts ....can you imagine having sea food as soon as you wake up na.. but my dad/ uncle's they use to and I am sure they still have it at any time of the day, or in any form  ...Now this is what I call sea food lovers....isn't it ?

 So you see I was introduced pomfrets, bombils, bangda, prawns and so on... during early ages of my life so  now I also prepare any one sea food once in a week as its tastier and healthier too......Bombils are my Favorite after pomfret fry......Here is my recipe of yummy, delicious, tongue tickling, palatable, bombil fry....!


6 -7 Bombils ( Bombay ducks)  6- 7 cloves of garlic 2 tbsp red chilli powder  salt as per taste  1 - 1 and 1/2 cup rice flour…

Recipe of chococookies Milkshake | chocolate cookies milkshake

Chococookies milkshake is a rich , creamy textured milkshake in which chocolate syrup is blended with cookies and ice cream to make it a perfect balanced drink.
Without much a do here is my Recipe of tempting Chocookies Milkshake....

INGREDIENTS:  12 Oreo cookies 1- 2 Oreo crushed cookies  8 scoops of vanilla ice cream  8 tbsp chocolate sauce  2 cups of milk 

1. Blend Oreo cookies, chocolate sauce, milk, vanilla ice cream with crushed ice in a blender until smooth, taste the milkshake and if its too sweet add 1/2 cup milk again and blend to get the balanced taste as per your requirement.  

2. Now decorate the glasses with chocolate syrup (on the glass wall inside) and pour the chococookies milkshake with top it with chocolate syrup and crushed Oreo cookies ( remove the white cream from cookies before crushing) 

3. Serve Immediately.
NOTE:  Once the milkshake is prepared pour in a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream for chococookies milkshake with ice cream.


Recipe of smokey cheesy chicken balls

Smoky cheesy chicken balls are fantabulously fantastic appetizer , where as its taste is concern,  these cheesy balls are spiced and tossed with ingredients and then done coal baghar. Its an addition to my creativity...

I thought lets make something very yummy, interesting, delicious, lip smacking snack. A much more lighter though as its being cooked in appe patra ( pan ) where very less oil is consumed . All the cheese lovers gonna  love  it , as its easy to make..

In fact I make it a point that most of my recipes are simple , easy and without much a do, as no body has that much time in today's world, where the rate of working woman is increasing....Here is my delicious Recipe of Smoky Cheesy Chicken Balls .....


250 gms chicken mince ( chicken keema)
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
7 - 8 tbsp cheese grated
1/2 tsp black pepper
4- 5 green chillies 
salt as per taste
3 tbsp butter


1. Wash and squeeze the excess water from chicken mince and add salt…