Bharwa Baigan Recipe | stuffed brinjals| stuffed eggplant

Bharwa baigan also known as stuffed brinjals | egg plant is slitted till half  in to four from center and have filled with grounded masala and spices. Its a vegetarian dish served with parathas or phulkas or even with rice but I any time prefer Bharwa Baigan with phulkas.

Brinjal is known as Baigan, as we all know that but I address it as Ringra , basically its a Gujarati lingo , though I am not a Gujarati but as my ancestor's were from Gujarat ( India ) so they might have got influence with the language..However, the story goes I still love calling it by Ringra other than Baigan, I feel so attached to my roots.

This recipe of mine is simply unbeatable where as it has truly a tongue tickling taste, people who do not like this veggie will fall in love with it, if they have Bharwa me ...! Try it by your self and decide that "Can Brinjals also be so yummy and delicious..."


250 gms small brinjal

2 tbsp seasame seeds
2 tbsp khus khus
3 tbsp dry coconut 
5 - 6 cloves of garlic
3 - 4 tbsp peanuts
half onion chopped into cubes
Small sized lump of  tamarind cleaned and washed 
1 tbsp coriander powder 
1 1/2  tsp red chili powder
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
4 - 5 curry leaves
salt as per taste 
Coriander leaves for garnishing

1. Roast onions, coconut, seasame seeds, khus khus, cumin seeds,  peanuts one by one and blend in food processor with tamarind.( add 1/4 cup water if needed )

2. In a small bowl combine the grounded masala with salt, turmeric powder, coriander powder and chili powder, mix everything well.

3. Wash the brinjols, just chop a half inch of its stem from the top ( do not chop the stem fully)  and slit in to four with the base attached, and stuff the grounded masala in between the slits and the left over masala keep aside.

4. In a thick bottomed pan heat oil , add curry leaves, let it splutter.
Gradually add the stuffed brinjals to the pan and stir gently to toss it in oil for 5 minutes.

5. Now Just make some space in the middle of the pan by drawing the brinjals at the edge and add the left over masala and roast for a while.

6.Now add 1 cup water, adjust the salt and chilli powder if needed, cover and cook on low flame until the brinjals are completely done by maintaining semi thick consistency.

 7. Serve hot with parathas / rotis/ chapatis/ phulkas.

  • If the gravy dries up completely and brinjals yet to get tender do not panic add 1 cup or 1 and half cup of water again and keep on slow flame until brinjals completely done, but do not add 2 - 3 cups of water at one go, add 1 cup at a time.
  • The best way to check whether Brinjals are completely done, just press the stem of a brinjal if its slightly soft then it means there's still time for brinjals to get tender, if the stem is soft completely then it indicates that brinjals are cooked properly and completely.

                       PREPARATION TIME: 50 - 55 Minutes.
                                            SERVES: 3 Persons.

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