Recipe of chococookies Milkshake | chocolate cookies milkshake

Chococookies milkshake is a rich , creamy textured milkshake in which chocolate syrup is blended with cookies and ice cream to make it a perfect balanced drink.
Without much a do here is my Recipe of tempting Chocookies Milkshake....


12 Oreo cookies
1- 2 Oreo crushed cookies 
8 scoops of vanilla ice cream 
8 tbsp chocolate sauce 
2 cups of milk 


1. Blend Oreo cookies, chocolate sauce, milk, vanilla ice cream with crushed ice in a blender until smooth, taste the milkshake and if its too sweet add 1/2 cup milk again and blend to get the balanced taste as per your requirement.  

2. Now decorate the glasses with chocolate syrup (on the glass wall inside) and pour the chococookies milkshake with top it with chocolate syrup and crushed Oreo cookies ( remove the white cream from cookies before crushing) 

3. Serve Immediately.

Once the milkshake is prepared pour in a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream for chococookies milkshake with ice cream.


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