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Choco Lauki Shots / Bottle Gourd | Lauki Halwa

This sweet indian dessert is made of lauki which is known as bottle gourd in english is cooked with milk and sugar unless it gives good consistency to form into halwa, then is topped with slivered almonds and pistachios.

 This is my 100th post on my blog, so thought lets make something sweet, a dessert with a twist, so thought of making my own Indain sweet dish that is Lauki halwa but with a twist, hope you all like it....

 Here I am sharing a variation of Lauki halwa which is my creation, and have proudly named it as choco lauki shots, though you can replace dairy milk to dark chocolate, nutrella, chocolate syrup or any other chocolate you want, but I loved chocolate Lauki halwa with dairy milk, it simply tastes yummmm.....
I am really happy and proudly present you my 100th recipe .....LAUKI HALWA/ CHOCO LAUKI HALWA.... 

2 cups grated bottle gourd ( doodhi / lauki )
2 cups milk 
2- 3  tbsp ghee
green colour
1/2 tsp green cardamom
few almonds and pistachios…

Recipe of Masala Keema | Masaledar Keema

Keema ( Mutton Mince)  is one of the most famous non veg dish, though keema has lots of variations like green mutor keema (Click here for recipe ) , green keema rice (Click here for recipe )  , keema biryani and there are loads of appetizers made of keema ( mutton mince ), but here I am sharing masala keema, this masala keema is tossed in whole and grounded spices, to taste as delicious as it looks, the vibrant red colour adds a glory, and justifies it as a NON VEGETARIAN dish. 

But for me, keema only means masaledar , tari- dar delicious spicy mutton mince. I do not remember when did I start having it but yes I can say since child hood, as being raised up in a typical muslim ( follower of Islam) family where non veg is the only dish served every day. I still remember my grand ma use to not like the food unless it did not have tari on it, she had a saying " woh gosht ka saalan hi kya jisme tari na ho,, tari se hi kubsurati aati hai " ( Its of no use if the mutton gravy do no…