Banana Guava Chaat

A simple Recipe with perfect flavors, Banana Guava Chat has a balanced taste as its sweet and spicy...with no chat masala, then too its got that perfect balanced flavor. It is a must try ....


2 Bananas 
2 ripe guava
salt as per taste
sugar 1 tbsp 
1/2 tsp pepper 


1. Slit banana into 4 pieces and them chop them.

2. Peel the guava , slit into two and with the help of sharp knife remove the seeds. ( remove the middle portion with knife)

3. Chop guava into small pieces.

4. Now add salt , pepper and sugar. Mix everything well and keep aside for 15 Minutes so that sugar melts and gives a perfect taste to the chat.

5.Serve chill or at room temperature as per your preferences.

You can refrigerate the chat and then serve chill if you prefer it that way.
Before serving taste the chat and if you want more spicy then add some more pepper as per your taste and preferences..

SERVES: 3 Persons.

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