Recipe Of Chocolate Halwa

Chokolate halwa is one of my favourite dessert as I simply love milk chocolates, and dairy milk is one of them. Chokolate halwa is made of just three ingredients thats it, that is dairy milk chocolate, milk and mava, no ghee, you must be thinking tht just three ingredients, but if you taste chocolate halwa I am sure you simply will not be able to hold yourself to take another bite forgetting your diet regime.....chokolate halwa simply irresistable....

Chokolate halwa is so yumm that just by writing about this recipe, I am feeling like having it, thankfully this time I made of 2 litres milk halwa, so when ever I feel the craving for chocolate halwa , be it mid night or infact any time of the day I simply munch my favourite chocolate halwa all the time.

Chocolate halwa takes time to be made, infact it needs patience but trust me the out come is simply mind boggling that you will feel..damn its worth it. Whenever I have a piece of chocolate halwa, I feel that I am in heaven and gets so engrossed with the taste that I almost forget that I am on earth....lolz
Trust me its a must try recipe, here I am sharing my recipe of chocolate halwa with out much ado..... 



1 Litre whole milk 
1 big slab milk chocolate ( 38 gms )
1 small slab milk chocolate 
1/2 cup sugar 
few pistachios, almonds 
edible silver leaf ( vark) 



1. In a pan, add sugar to the pre boiled milk, stir at intervals till the mixture turns thick ( this procedure will take approximately 30 Minutes to get thicken) 

2. Till the mixture thickens , side by side boil water in a vessel and once the water boils, off the gas, now place the strainer lid and then unwrapped big slab of chocolate on it, (on strainer lid) with the help of steam chocolate will melt.

3. Once the mixture turns thick and leaves the sides of the pan remove from flame.

4. Add melted chocolate and mix well, add chopped pistachios, almonds and chocolate.

5. Grease the square or any shaped mould with ghee, pour chokolate halwa on it and decorate with silver warq and crushed pistachios , chocolate and almonds.
Refregerate it, cut into pieces, serves cold.

  • The mixture time may vary from 30 to 40 minutes, to get thicken and as it starts getting reduce you will see change in milk color, as it gets thicker, the colour of milk will get deeper.
  • If you like chocolate, add more chopped chocolate into mixture for best results.
  • Best if the almond, pistachios and chocolate pieces are chopped into thick chunks.
  • Once the milk has reduced to almost half, keep boiling on high flame and the time it starts to boil up, reduce the flame and stir ..keep doing this but do not move away from the boiling milk as it might spil and due to this your efforts might get wasted.
  • If you want you can add raisins, walnut or any dry fruits as per your prefernces.

SERVES: 4 - 5 Persons.

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