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Recipe of shahi mutton korma

As being a born non vegetarian , I am so use to having and preparing mutton and chicken dishes with lots of variation and this is one of them.Shahi mutton korma is cooked in spices on low flame to get that much needed aromatic flavor, cream adds a smooth a creamy texture which gives it a royal touch.

Though some add whole spices and some powdered spices ( garam masala) to shahi mutton korma , I sometime add whole and sometime powdered , depends but in both the ways it would not hamper the taste, trust me.
You can replace mutton with chicken and make shahi chicken korma with the same , simple , easy recipe.

Some time back I was very busy with my work , so had ordered from near by restaurant Shahi mutton korma, and to my surprise it had chopped ginger garlic to give a better flavor, I simply loved it, so I also started adding chopped ginger garlic and paste both, hereafter. ( though before I only used to add ginger garlic paste)

Here is my simple Recipe of Shahi mutton korma, cook for you…

Recipe of Gajar Achar / Instant Carrot Pickle

Carrot pickle is one of the most famous pickle that is being made since ages at our place, during all months, no specific month or time to serve this delicious pickle. Infact I have been having it since my early teens or may be more before that.

The best part of this Gajar ka achar is that you do not have to dry it for days or give sunlight as we do for mango pickles and other kind of pickles, though its an instant one, which is ready in few minutes with extra ordinary taste.
Carrot pickles are chopped into long strips and marinated into salt for some time and then seasoned with few spices and oil, here in this Carrot pickle we do not add warm oil, instead add kacha tel ( raw oil) int it great that without much ado you can make instant carrot pickle whenever you want to without waiting for time or season.

Carrot pickle is best when served with daals, tadka daal, pulaos, veg and any kind of non veg dishes, it almost goes well with any.

You can add raw mango for best results, though i…