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Recipe of akhrot ladoos / whalnut ladoos

Akhrot ladoos / walnut ladoos are made of purely walnut , as you can recollect by its name. Walnut which is also known as magaj akhrot is very good for memory and specially for growing kids, these ladoos are full of nutrients and without any ghee as its made of only 3 ingredients, one is walnut of course, 2nd is milk ( whole milk) and 3rd sugar.

On the occasion of my new venture....thought  to make something special in dessert, "KUCH MEETHA HOJAYE"  as I opened an online store on my grand ma's name, shes the one for my existence so thought its my time to give a small tribute to my loving grandma.
With the success of my first online venture that is a food blog ( thought to start 2nd online venture that is HAWA COUTURE , an online shopping store ( clothes and accessories - brand / non brand) here is the link hope you all like , love and appreciate my online shopping store like zulekhaskitchen.

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