Recipe of akhrot ladoos / whalnut ladoos

Akhrot ladoos / walnut ladoos are made of purely walnut , as you can recollect by its name. Walnut which is also known as magaj akhrot is very good for memory and specially for growing kids, these ladoos are full of nutrients and without any ghee as its made of only 3 ingredients, one is walnut of course, 2nd is milk ( whole milk) and 3rd sugar.

On the occasion of my new venture....thought  to make something special in dessert, "KUCH MEETHA HOJAYE"  as I opened an online store on my grand ma's name, shes the one for my existence so thought its my time to give a small tribute to my loving grandma.
With the success of my first online venture that is a food blog ( thought to start 2nd online venture that is HAWA COUTURE , an online shopping store ( clothes and accessories - brand / non brand) here is the link hope you all like , love and appreciate my online shopping store like zulekhaskitchen.

What best it could be, if sweet made of walnut, sounds interesting , isn't it ? 
As of now I need a good memory to maintain both, my online blog and facebook page, walnut ladoo is an apt one, good for memory and is scrumptious too. So here's the recipe of my experimental akhrot ladoos , hope you all like it.....



3 - 3 and 1/2 cups whole milk 
3/4 cup sugar 
2 cups walnut (Akrots)


1. Roast lightly walnuts on iron skillet and let them cool down .

2. Keep one handful of walnuts aside or a little more than that and with the remaining walnuts grind them into powder.

3. Boil milk and sugar until they reduce almost into 1/4 , in this case milk will become very thick which will take almost 30 minutes. ( more or less approximately ) this final stage is called pala kova. 

4. Now add powdered walnut at this stage , mix well and keep stirring until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan and forms into a big lump.

5. Now add the whole walnuts and mix everything together.

6.Remove the mixture into a greased (ghee) square mould, press the mixture tightly and once its cool , cut into square pieces.

7. To make ladoos remove the walnut mixture into any other pan and let it cool.
Once it cools, shape into a small ladoos. 

  • You can make ladoos or serve as burfi ( square pieces) 
  • The lump that forms during the time of adding powdered walnut, should be soft , so for better result add the powdered walnut slowly and gradually.

PREPARATION TIME: 40- 50 Minutes. 

 If you like my Recipe , feel free to share it with your friends and family, if any queries feel free to comment.

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