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Recipe of mooli paratha / raddish paratha

MOOLI / RADISH PARATHA is a famous punjabi cuisine , its a scrumptious delicacy where dough is rolled into a roti and stuffed with grated radish preferably sprinkled with few spices to give that extra touch of perfect flavor, though you can prepare its plain version also, as in both the ways you can serve with curd, mango pickle or coriander mint chutney ( Click here for chutney recipe

Though when I was making this paratha I happened to add chat masala also , to experiment with the taste but trust me it worked for me.....I simply loved the taste when sprinkled with chaat masala unlike without it....though I made one with chaat masala and 2nd one without, but to my surprise my hubby liked the former one then the latter.....and since then I add chat masala of catch to add that extra flavor to my mooli paratha recipe....though if you do not want to add chat masala, its basically up to you.

Infact this time I experimented with one more thing and that is the thickness of paaratha, like for…