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Recipe of Vada pao / batata vada

Vada pao is one the most favorite street side food which is always relished by Mumbaikars. I love vada pao the most during rainy season...Garma garam chai ( tea) with vada pao, it tastes simply extraordinary, what better one can ask for,  I am sure all will agree with me..isint it Mumbaikars.....!

Though I use to make vada's in a very different way, the way I was taught at my early age, but then as I use to have on streets of Mumbai, I felt what I was preparing is different, so then I started doing a lot of research , ( not by net or online blogs) but by tasting almost every now and then, i use to always open the vadas before having,  to see what all must have been added to get this extra ordinary flavor....

One more thing I noticed that at times, I could get that raw small potatoes at times, which might have not been mashed properly , and I simply loved it , so whenever I make at home , I mash it roughly , though they have a huge quantity so by default they actually cannot mash eac…