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Recipe of dhokhre / Besan dhokra with gravy

Dhokre is one of the most famous dish amongst  memon community , ( muslim -community ) , I have grown up seeing aunts cooking this extra ordinary gravy, do not get confused as the dokhre that is served with fish is totally different , ( one of the most famous delicacy again, which i will update on my blog very soon ) this is gram flour dhokhre with curry ,which I simply love . Dhokre ka salan ( curry ) is simply outstanding , and made of gram flour, mixed with spices and allowed to set, on the other hand gravy is made and these dhokre's are dipped in the gravy which in turn gives an extra flavorful aromatic taste to this dish.

I still remember when I was in my teens, my aunt use to prepare this gravy  and I use to have those pieces of besan ( dhokre) which were kept to set before dipping in the gravy.... oh..! it was have that before hand , though I am having it since childhood , as i can recollect my memories....but still I feel the taste is fresh , flavourful and palata…

Chocolate Firni Recipe / Phirni

CHOCOLATE FIRNI is heavenly, its for those who love chocolates in any form, like I do...I am crazy about it and keep trying recipes with chocolate , in fact this is my 3rd Recipe with chocolate, and I simply love all of them.

Chocolate Firni is yummilicious, chocolicious, delicious, palatable, lip smacking , mind blowing, mind boggling, and all the adjectives that can describe this heavenly dessert...Do you think I am going over board with the adjectives, You don't believe me ? then its a must try Recipe ...'cause you got to eat it, to believe it.....!!!!!!!!!!!!


1/2 Liter whole milk  2 and 1/2 tbsp rice 2 medium plain dairy milk packs ( 34 g each ) 3 or 3 1/2  tbsp sugar  Few almonds, pistachios blanched , peeled and sliced
1. Wash rice 2 -3 times, drain and place on absorbent paper to get dry for an hour, mean while Boil the 1/2 liter milk.

2. Once the rice has fully dried up, now grind it in food processor but not to fine , keep it coarse.

3. Now in a bowl disso…

Recipe Of Onion Raita / Emli Gud pyaaz kachumbar

Emli Gud Onion Kachumbar is a sweet , sour and spicy Raita relished with Pulao's . Though in memon's ( community ) we address Raita as kachumber, since its our mother tongue so I have a habit of referring all Rait's as Kachumbar....

This tamarind jaggery Onion Kachumber is really easy to make , delicious and is apt when served with mutor pulao, chicken pulao, authentic mutton pulao, captain pulao or any other pulao's .
Here is my aged old recipe, hope you all like it.....!
small piece of Emli ( tamarind)  3 - 4 slices of Gud ( jaggery )   1 finely chopped green chillies  chopped coriander leaves
1 onion finely chopped   salt to taste
1. In a bowl , take a small piece of rawtamarind and few slices of jaggery , add 1 cup of water and marinate it for an hour. Once the tamarind have soften and jaggery have dissolved , mash the tamarind so that you get pulp out of it. Keep mashing it with your fingers so that they squeeze out the desired juice.

2. Strain this mix…