Recipe Of Onion Raita / Emli Gud pyaaz kachumbar

Emli Gud Onion Kachumbar is a sweet , sour and spicy Raita relished with Pulao's . Though in memon's ( community ) we address Raita as kachumber, since its our mother tongue so I have a habit of referring all Rait's as Kachumbar....

This tamarind jaggery Onion Kachumber is really easy to make , delicious and is apt when served with mutor pulao, chicken pulao, authentic mutton pulao, captain pulao or any other pulao's .

Here is my aged old recipe, hope you all like it.....!


small piece of Emli ( tamarind) 
3 - 4 slices of Gud ( jaggery )  
1 finely chopped green chillies 
chopped coriander leaves
1 onion finely chopped  
salt to taste


1. In a bowl , take a small piece of raw tamarind and few slices of jaggery , add 1 cup of water and marinate it for an hour. Once the tamarind have soften and jaggery have dissolved , mash the tamarind so that you get pulp out of it. Keep mashing it with your fingers so that they squeeze out the desired juice.

2. Strain this mixture until emli has no juice left out in it. Add 1-2tbsp water in emli, mash it again and squeeze it till its completely drained out the pulp .

3. Now Add chopped onions, chopped green chilly , coriander leaves and little salt , mix everything well and keep aside for few Minutes so that you get all the flavors .

4. Adjust salt and Serve with any of the above mentioned pulao's.

  • At times, it happens that a bit of sweetness is less , if you have time in hand , add few more slices of gud ( jaggery) to the Raita and let it rest so that it get dissolved, once it is , adjust salt and serve , but if you running out of time then add 1 tbsp or required tbsp of sugar to the kachumber and let it rest until the sugar has dissolved , once it has then adjust salt and serve. 
  • You cannot replace jaggery fully with sugar because you won't get that perfect flavor and then the Raita will not taste as good as it should be.
  • The measurement here mentioned above are tentative , so you have to add both emli and gud according to your requirement like if you serving to 4 people add double of it , but then too you have to add according to the taste and go with your instinct as we get different coloured jaggery and some are more sweeter than the other, so one cannot give the exact measurement but here I have used light colored jaggery.
  • Resting time is needed to get all the exact flavors, so always prepare and keep the kachumer ( raita) half and hour before you serve. 

PREPARATION TIME : 10 Minutes . ( extra time for marination and resting stage) 

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