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Recipe of Guvar sabzi ( cluster beans)

Guvar ( cluster beans) is served as a side dish with chappatis / phulkas . This simple cluster bean is saute in very less ingredients in this recipe, there are few more variation of guvar sabzi ( cluster beans) which I will surely introduce in coming days. In fact beans are prepared in different ways in different parts of India, ( eg, Gujrati style , Maharashtrian style , Rajasthani style and so does we Muslims ( follower of Islam) have. I know many have notions that Muslims, only have non - veg, but that is not true, we have veg too almost every day, in fact as I mentioned above that, I prepare guvar ( cluster beans) in few more variations, so that is just  a myth.

Though its the easiest , healthiest, simplest , and one of the best Recipe of cluster beans , as it takes very less ingredients which are all present in your kitchen rack. Guvar is saute in onions, which in turn, when cooked gives a perfect, sweet taste to guvar .It looks simple, but I bet you, gonna drool over it....!

Here …

Recipe of Garlic and Pepper Chicken

Chicken in garlic and pepper is an Indo-Chinese dish, in which only 2 - 3 Chinese sauces are added to give the flavor. Garlic and pepper Chicken  is cooked in my style, I love making chicken with different sauces and experiment to get a different taste. I do not go with the perfect ingredients, in fact most of the times, I keep experimenting to get a unique mesmerizing flavor.

Though mostly in Chinese gravies, chicken are deep fried, but here I did not deep fry the chicken, in eggs , cornflour and maida ( all purpose flour) instead I have marinated and then fried them directly to give a different taste and fresh look unlike the classic ones.

Here is the Recipe of Garlic and Pepper Chicken in my style.....hope you all like it.....!


150 gms chicken boneless.
1/4 tsp freshly coarsely grounded pepper 
1 tbsp soya sauce 
1 tbsp red chilly sauce 
salt to taste 
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 


3- 4 spring onion bulbs ( small or medium) chopped into halves.

Recipe Of veg / Chicken Coriander fried Rice / Coriander Fried Rice with Noodles

Coriander Fried Rice is a variation of Fried Rice , though its simple, easy, tasty and something different then regular Fried rice . 
Its an experiment, by me, though wanted to make something different to serve with my chicken garlic & pepper gravy, other then regular fried Rice, so thought lets give it a try....!

Here is my Recipe of Veg / Chicken Coriander Fried Rice......

3/4 cup shredded boiled chicken 1 carrot chopped into thin cubical shape1 capsicum chopped into thin cubical shape2 cups of basmati Rice1/4 packet of hakka noodle 1 - 2 eggs1/2 tsp pepper powder 1 tbsp vinegar 1 tbsp soya sauce 4 -5 cloves of finely chopped garlic 4 -5 small spring onions blub, each chopped into 22 -3 baby corns , each chopped into 3 pieces1 tbsp green chili sauce ( optional) 1/2 bunch of coriander leaves 1 -2 whole red chilies 1 - 2 green chilies salt to taste oil/ olive oil 

Wash Basmati rice, in running water 3 - 4 times, soak for half an hour .In a wok / broad fry pan, add…

Recipe of capsicum / sambhadiya

Sambhadiya is made of green capsicum sauteed in freshly pounded spices which gives the perfect aromatic flavor to the capsicum. Sambhadiya is particularly served with kadhi ( with fritters ) , the combination is outstanding , as its served as condiment along with the dish.

Capsicum Sambhadiya can be served with dals too, as the taste is simply outstanding and palatable. Though I make capsicum chutney in 2 ways, and this is one of them, will surely post the other one soon.

Its a must try recipe , its kind of pickle in which you do not have to keep for days to be consumed, instead make the masala and keep in an air tight container , whenever you feel like making sambhadiya, saute the capsicum and add the spices.Here is the recipe of Capsicum Sambhadiya...


2 capsicum
3 - 4 tbsp whole coriander seeds
2 tsp cumin seeds
1/4 tsp turmeric powder 
1 -2 tsp red chilly powder 
sat to taste 


1. Roast coriander seeds and keep aside to cool, once cool , grind it in food processor , …

Recipe of karela aloo | bitter gourd with potatoes

karela alu  ( bitter gourd and potatoes  ) is the most simplest recipe of mine, and the best one where as bitter gourd is concerned. Though I know many of us do not have it as the taste is too bitter for our taste buds, but then here is the recipe of karela aloo where you will keep on munching and munching ...... Karela aloo with just 2 -3 ingredients makes the dish heavenly and superb in taste. In fact you can serve your kids too, as its very tasty and I am sure your kids will like them too, not only kids but all the family members will love it....its out and out very different recipe which is scrumptious , palatable and delicious too.

Here is my recipe of karela aloo which i make as a side dish to munch in, or as a condiments , though at times , I serve it with phulas/ roti, this recipe goes well as a side dish,  with dal rice too.
Without much ado , here is a must try recipe of karela aloo....if you like it , please do share it with your family and friends, and give in your valuable …

Recipe of Chicken Katori

Chicken Katori's are out and out my creation, you must have never heard nor had anywhere. It's my cooking experience and my imagination which has given life to this mesmerizing snack........Its one of a kind , which looks like chat but a non vegetarian one though , let me be precise ......This is one of my best creation till date, which is too satisfying and encouraging to make such more unique recipes.....

Chicken Katori is made of chicken mince ,  katori's shaped in appe pan , cooked in very less oil , topped with sauteed saucy crunchy vegetables and sprinkled all over grated cheese....

Chicken katori is a delicacy for full family, from youngster to elders, from elders to kids, all will relish it for more, more and much more......i bet you....!

I Dedicate this Chicken Katori Recipe to my loving husband, who inspires me to experiment , who waits patiently for the dish to be served until my photo shoot is over, in spite he can not wait for a second if the food is on the table…