Recipe of Chicken Katori

Chicken Katori's are out and out my creation, you must have never heard nor had anywhere. It's my cooking experience and my imagination which has given life to this mesmerizing snack........Its one of a kind , which looks like chat but a non vegetarian one though , let me be precise ......This is one of my best creation till date, which is too satisfying and encouraging to make such more unique recipes.....

Chicken Katori is made of chicken mince ,  katori's shaped in appe pan , cooked in very less oil , topped with sauteed saucy crunchy vegetables and sprinkled all over grated cheese....

Chicken katori is a delicacy for full family, from youngster to elders, from elders to kids, all will relish it for more, more and much more......i bet you....!

I Dedicate this Chicken Katori Recipe to my loving husband, who inspires me to experiment , who waits patiently for the dish to be served until my photo shoot is over, in spite he can not wait for a second if the food is on the table, but then too he manages it , just for me. He encourages me to keep posting Recipes on my blog , as sometimes I get too laid back to upload. He is my support system , my life , my love without whom I wouldn't have reached till here.....

These Chicken Katori are a return gift from my side, to all the blog reader's who like my Recipes, prepares them in their beautiful kitchen for their loved ones and gives me feed back.... not only they await for my new Recipes but at times some demand Recipe's they would love to make , but in my is my way of Thanking you all for liking my Recipes and trying them out.....I am amazed with the amount of appreciation I get from my blog readers, that makes me more responsible towards them......

In other words you can call it, chicken chat, because if you see they look like chat only..... a non vegetarian chat.....isn't it ? whatever you call them,they will still remain my creation...... ! 

So Here is scrumptious, lip smacking, unbeatable, mesmerizing, aromatic delicacy which I proudly named CHICKEN KATORI 'S ....  



250 Chicken mince 
2 tsp red chilly powder
2 tsp ginger garlic paste  
2 -3 crushed green chilies or chilly paste
2 tbsp oil  


3/4 cup cabbage chopped finely 
1/2 cup carrots chopped finely 
1/2 cup green capsicum finely chopped 
2 tsp soya sauce 
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce 
1/2 tsp vinegar
2 tbsp hot and sweet tomato chilly sauce ( maggie) 
2 tsp red chili sauce 
3 - 4 cloves of chopped garlic
1/4 tsp black pepper crushed powder
1 green chilly chopped  
salt to taste 
2 tbsp oil / olive oil 


1/4 cup grated cheese


1. Marinate the chicken mince with the chicken katori ingredients, and keep for 3 -4 hours or may be over night.

2. In a sauce pan , add oil with chopped garlic and green chilly, saute for a second and then add all the vegetables and all the  sauces under vegetables ingredients. Saute for a minute or two on high flame and then off the gas. ( Adjust the seasoning ) 

3. Keep appe pan on gas greased with little oil in all the sections, now grease your palms as well with little oil, make small balls of chicken mince and flatten it with your other hand , preferably with fingers and make a thin, flat, round shape. 

4. Place the flatten mince on one of the sections slowly, and with the help of small spoon or your fingers, keep pressing it lightly from all the sides , so that they bind as well as become thin . ( make sure to cover till appe pan's each section edges , so you get a proper and deep katori's ) 

5. Keep repeating the process of making the balls , flattening it and placing it in the rest of the section. Now 'On' the gas, sprinkle some water over all the katoris , close the lid and let it cook on low flame until the water dries up.

6. Open the lid, again sprinkle some water, on all the mince and cook on low flame until they dry up.

7. Now in a serving plate , place each katori , add 1- 1 1/2 tbsp crunchy saucy vegetables , sprinkle grated cheese , serve immediately.

COOKING TIP'S BY Zulekha Arafat : 
  • For kids Do not add green chilies nor chilly sauce, instead of hot and sweet sauce , add tomato sauce . Let the marination of chicken be the same , just do not add green chilly , rest add salt oil and 1 tsp red chilly powder.
  • Do not move from the ape pan , as the chicken katori's will be burnt, so keep checking at intervals .
  • During the time of flattening the mince , you wont get exact round shape, but try as much as you can , until you do not get a good round shape ,  do not place on the appe pan.
  • Make sure that the mince is thin , during the time when you flatten the mince because when the chicken is cooked it gets contracted and will puff a bit, due to this you won't get the depth in katori's to fill the saucy crunchy veggies.
  • For variation & best results, top it with coriander and mint chutney, like place the katori's then add 1 - 1 1/2 tbsp crunchy saucy vegetables, then top it with 1 tbsp coriander and mint chutney , lastly sprinkle some shredded cheese all over. ( I made few chicken katori's of them as well, and they  turned out awesome ) 
  • Do not place the mince in the appe pan, while the gas is on, as you will burn your fingers while pressing them lightly.

PREPARATION TIME: 30 - 35 Minutes ( extra time for marination )  
SERVES:3 Persons.

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