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Recipe of Masala Alu / Masala Aloo / Memoni Masala Alu With A Twist

What should I say about masala alu ( potatoes ) , I have been bought up having them , and they are my favorite..I still remember my phupi's ( aunties) use to come to our place for a day or so , and these masala alu had to be there in the menu, during tea time....they all use to love it...

In fact my chachi ( aunt) she use to serve damn good masala alu typically memoni style, am sure still she must be serving the same taste . I always was a fan of masala alu, since the time i recollect my memory, in memon's ( community) we accompany it with ..... chutney. In a serving bowl , add masala potatoes and 1 - 2 tbsp chutney , trust  me you will love it......

Though my recipe is different, I make this masala alu and then instead of coriander leaves , sprinkle with finely chopped green capsicum and garnish with loads and loads of cheese ..... they taste simply outstanding.....


Take 2 - 3 ripe tomatoes 
2 boiled potatoes 
2 tsp red kashmiri chilli powder 
A pinch of turmeric powder

Recipe of Arbi Pulao / Biryani / Chicken Biryani

Arbi Biryani is something very different compared to our classic regular Biryani's. Arbi Biryani has a very unique taste, which has an outstanding flavor. Arbi Biryani is assembled with barbecue flavored sauce, with few raw veggies, then a layer of grated home made paneer, covered with barbecued chicken leg pieces, with fried and saucy potato wedges.

Arbi Biryani is delicious, palatable, irresistible, and one of a kind in which , tomato sauce is prepared to serve with this Biryani. And let me tell you , the whole set up , like having the Biryani with flavorful home made tomato sauce is simply outstanding, I am sure you gonna drool over it.....

Tomato sauce is a less spicy or non spicy sauce,( here you can adjust the hotness as per your preferences though) in which garlic and chilies added to give that much needed flavor to this unique Biryani/ Pulao .

Arbi Biryani / Pulao is simply outstanding with very aromatic flavored rice, served with home made tomato sauce. Hope you all like thi…