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Recipe of French Toast

French toast which I usually refer as meetha pav ( sweet bread slice) , its a bread slice dipped in the eggs and sugary milk batter , and then shallow fried it in claried butter/oil, topped with honey and cinnamon powder.

French toast are very easy to make and delicious too, they are specially served at breakfast time.

Here is the Recipe of French toast, in my style......


3/4 or 1cup milk
4- 5 tbsp sugar
6 bread slices
clarified butter ( ghee ) for frying
Cinnamon powder

Take 3/4 cup warm milk add sugar and eggs , whisk continuosly for a smooth batter, keep aside so that if you hve added sugar crystals , it will get dissolved in warm milk.Now heat fry pan , add little ghee ,  dip each bread slices, in the batter  ( whisk again before adding the bread slice ) now turn the bread slice and again dip the whole slice , coating both the sides sufficiently, place on the pan and fry until golden and crisp on both the sides. ( do flip at intervals so that you get a clea…

Recipe of Masala Chana in Butter ( Brown chickpea)

Masala Chana in Butter , known as brown chickpeas are sauted with onions and tomatoes in butter or clarified butter, with minimal spices. Though you can have it in breakfast or even serve as a snack too. 

Brown chickpeas are good source of proteins, and if added with whole grain , they produce protiien that is compared to meat, without high calories or fats. Brown chcikepeas have a long list of health benefits.

Thats the reason sometimes I serve during breakfast and sometimes at evening as snack, be it any time the benefits remains same that is good in proteins.


1 and 1/2 - 2 cups brown chickpeas 1 finely chopped onion1 finely chopped tomato1 finely chopped green chilly1 tsp red chilly powder coriander leaves for garnishingclarified butter/ butterlemon wedges2-3 tbsp finely chopped raw mangoes ( optional)  saltMETHOD: 

Soak kala chana ( brown chickpeas) , in water a night previous, next day boil the chana in pressure cooker with adequate water and little salt.In a pan heat ghe…