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Chicken Malai Tikka Wraps | Reshmi Malai Kebabs

Reshmi Malai tikkas are marinated in creamy cashew , almond paste with other few ingredients and are then charcoaled along with butter to give a rich , aromatic  and mesmerizing taste. The tikkas are served with mint corinader chutney and raw crunchy onions . Though it is known as Reshmi tikkas, malai tikkas, malai murgh, murgh reshmi kebabs and so on , but as the name says it all, reshmi tikkas are preferebly soft , melt in to the mouth kind of, which gives a tickle to your taste buds.

Reshmi Malai tikka Wraps are an experiment by me, as I wanted to make something in wraps with simple , soft chicken to go with my mayo mint dip, initallly I was very tensed and excited too , but as I started making it , my confidence level boomed high and trust me it turned out simply amazing , the mesmeriizng taste of Reshmi malai tikka wraps, are out of the world, in fact my hubby loves these wraps , more than he loves me.......lols !

Reshmi tikka wraps are tikkas grilled , sauteed in the masala and is…

Recipe of veg/ Chicken American Chopseuy Restaurant style

American chopseuy is an Indo- Chinese dish, in which crispy noodles are served along with vegetables and sweet and sour sauces, though the chicken version is served with shredded boiled chicken and  fried egg on top. If you do not want to add the fried egg , you can skip it, but in Restaurants they serve Chicken American chopseuy with fried egg to top it.   

Veg American chopseuy, is served a bit different here and there, like in this version, crispy fried noddles is served with tossed vegetables in the sauces, without out chicken nor eggs to top it.

American chopsey is served with crispy noodles , that can be made at home or you can buy from any special grocery shop, which has the availability. But in both the cases, the taste shall remain the same, scrumptious, mesmerizing and palatable. I simply love it, with ready crispy noodles and with home made crispy ones, hope you like it too....! 
Here's my take on Chicken American Chopseuy ...........!

INGREDIENTS:  1- 2 cups crispy noodles …

Recipe of chilly Schezwan Fish

Chilly fish is a semi dry indo- chinese dish , basically an appetizer, where the boneless fish is chopped into cubes and marinated for hours, then deep fried , and then tossed in a saucy gravy to give that perfect scrumptious flavor. Though I always make fish in desi ( Indian) style but thought to experiment and try out something different and give a new taste to my taste buds.

My forte is masala fry fish , pan fried fish with tomato based gravy and so on, but then thought to prepare something that I never tried out. It was a risk as my hubby may not like it,  was my main agenda, but to my surprise he loved it, and said this is one of the best dish in fish , he has ever had.....!
A lip smacking and apt appetizer for sea food lovers , who loves fish in any form, here is a palatable recipe to tigger your taste buds, craving for more...!
Here is the Recipe of chilly Schezwan fish in zulekha's style, I hope you all like it .....!


300 gms Boneless fish  
1 tsp p…