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Recipe Of Methi Malai Chicken

Methi Malai Chicken is an Indian desi aromatic delicacy, in which chicken pieces are cooked with whole spices and fresh fenugreek ( methi ) leaves. The whole idea of adding fresh cream gives that much needed palatable, creamy , rich flavor.

Being a hard core non vegetarian , every now and then I have to prepare chicken in different styles for our meals, so here at times while making Methi Malai Chicken , I make sure the gravy remains white, as I make a lot of chicken recipes in red gravies, so just to differentiate it in look wise , I always keep it white gravy. But there is no rule that the gravy should look white, you can prepare it, in a different way too which might have a reddish color to your gravy as I have given a detailed recipe of the VARIATION  too. 

Actually in Methi Malai Chicken, fenugreek leaves should be approximately 2 cups but as my hubby is not too keen to have methi bhaji, I always have to opt for 1 cup instead of 2, but at least I am happy that by adding it with chi…