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Recipe of Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger is a sandwich made of chicken patty in a bun, enclosed with other ingredients usually in a layers, like the base of bun bread , place a lettuce, then a thick layer of mayonnaise mixed with herbs and spices, then a slice of cheese , then the lip smacking chicken patty , lastly covered with the crown portion of the same bun after topped with tomato and onion rings.

Though there are many ways of making a patty for burger but my recipe consists of chicken pulsed into fine with the help of food processor and mixed with other herbs and spices , but this recipe has a small twist, I have added raw grated and finely chopped veggies, so that it goes well with the kids too.
My daughter loves burger , but the veggies inside doesn't go well with her sensibilities. Once my mind diverts, she slowly removes the veggies and have in a hurry so that her mom doesn't remind her about this no "veggie affair syndrome " 

Thought of experimenting, because of her no veggies syndro…

Recipe of Mutton Nihari

Nali Nihari is a stew consisting of slow cooked beef along with bone marrow, the whole basic idea is to slow cook in pot itself , as the marrow leaves the bones and get emerged in the gravy , which in turn give a perfect, aromatic and mesmerizing flavor to Nihari. The mutton is so soft and juicy , full of flavor as its cooked on slow flame until done. Tempering is also done of fried onions in ghee to reduce the heat of chilies and is garnished according to the individual taste with few coriander leaves , fried onions , strips of  ginger , finely chopped green chilies and lemon wedges to enhance the flavor.

At some places Nali nihari is cooked over night, sometimes even buried underground as it gets cooked over night , which results in extremely tender morsels of meat, including the flavorful bone marrow. Though you can cook in pressure cooker too , but the best way is slow cooking method which gives the dish that much needed flavors. I believe the best way of cooking any mutton gravy i…

Chicken In Barbeque sauce

Chicken drumsticks in Barbeque sauce is a lip smacking and one of the best appetizer . Easy , quick , and has the much required balance taste. 

Though here in this recipe , I have added just a few ingredients , but then no compromise with the taste. Chicken drumsticks is sauted in ginger , garlic and chillies and then is cooked in Barbeque sauce. 

This is a no fail recipe , I gaurantee you shall simply love it...! so without much ado , here is my easy , quick and scrumtious recipe of Chicken drumsticks in barbeque sauce....!  


1 kg chicken drumsticks.
6 - 7 tbsp barbeque sauce ( ready made sauce ) 
1/2 tsp black pepper 
2 -3 green chillies 
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 tsp ginger finely chopped 
6 - 7 cloves finely chopped garlic
1cup water 


1. Wash, clean and slit the drumsticks, marinate with salt and 1- 2  tsp red chilly powder , ginger garlic paste and keep aside for an hour .

2. Heat oil in a broad pan , add ginger , garlic and slitted green chilies , saute for a mi…