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Chicken mince stuffed in chicken breast / Chicken Roulade

CHICKEN MINCE STUFFED IN CHICKEN BREAST or Chicken Roulade is a successful experiment by me which has a very different concept , an appealing appetizer in which chicken mince is sauteed in Chinese sauces and herbs , and then is rolled in chicken breast . Dipped in egg wash and coated evenly in breadcrumbs and is then deep fried in hot oil on slow flame until done. 

I made this CHICKEN MINCE STUFFED IN CHICKEN BREAST almost 2 years back in " Ramadan " , but due do some other reason could not upload it. In fact I had made this appetizer in a different way , I had rolled in seasoned flour and then dipped in egg wash , then again coated the chicken breast in seasoned flour . This method gave a more crispier and crunchier coating .

Without much a do , here is my lip smacking and delectable Recipe of CHICKEN MINCE STUFFED IN CHICKEN BREAST ... ! 

150 gms chicken mince 
200 -250 gms chicken breast 
1 or 2 tbsp soya sauce 
1/2 tbsp vinegar 
1 or 2 tbsp chilly sauce 
1 or 2 tbsp…