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Recipe of chicken chilly gravy / Restaurant Style Chicken Chilly Gravy

Chicken chilly gravy is an Indo Chinese dish served with fried rice , tossed in Chinese sauces and veggies , which gives a mesmerizing flavor . As in today's world every one and each corner of the world is aware of Chinese cuisine and so they all have their way of cooking Chinese cuisine. Like in India , we have street Chinese and authentic fine dine too , both have their way of preparing Chinese dishes.

Though here in my recipe I have tweaked a bit to suit my  taste buds like an authentic way of cooking chicken chilly gravy is to first marinate the chicken , then deep fry it, and then toss in Chinese sauces and vegetables, but here I haven't deep fried the chicken , have directly fried in some oil which gives more flavor to my chicken and is healthy too as I am not deep frying .  This idea is inspired from one of the restaurant in India named Shalimar , here they serve the best Indo Chinese chicken chilly gravy , in which the chef do not deep fry the chicken and directly fry w…