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Chicken Tikka Pizza Pin Wheels

CHICKEN TIKKA PIZZA PIN WHEELS are scrumptious pieces of pizza , as they are prepared, and then chopped into 2 inch thick pieces after rolling tightly . This pizza is so good with spicy chicken tikkas and grilled veggies , that I am sure you cannot eat just one. The best thing is preparing the dough and chicken tikkas at home makes these pin wheels more special , as lots of effort go in making it . The whole process of kneading the dough till making the chicken tikkas pin wheel is lot of fun.I am sure you gonna enjoy it too, the way I did .

Actually what I did was when I wanted to prepare these scrumptious pizza pin wheels , I prepared the dough and marinated the chicken a day before , so that it doesn't be tiring for me , you can do the same if you alone like me who doesn't have a helper for cooking .

This is my first attempt though , but they turned out pretty much tastier as what I had thought so. These pin wheels are super tempting and to die for , you don't trust me ? b…

Chilly Cheese Toast

Chilli Cheese Toast is an easy snack that can be made within few minutes with few ingredients and the best part is , it is loved by all age groups. You can either make it with brown bread or white bread , the choice is yours. I very well remember that I first had it , in some wedding and since then I tried at home which some how tasted the same...yummiest ...! I am sure you gonna love it....!

Chilli Cheese Toast is such a scrumptious snack that you can serve to your unexpected guests too , as it gets ready in no time. Chilli Cheese Toast is the yummiest recipe , you can serve as a snack at tea time or during breakfast.  


4 white bread / brown bread slices 
1/4 tsp mixed herbs
few chilly flakes 
1 nos finely chopped green chilly
1/2 green capsicum chopped 
12 red bell pepper chopped 
1/8 tsp pepper powder 
3 tbsp butter 
1//2 cup mozzarella /pizza cheese 
1/2 cup processed cheese 
salt to taste 

Toast the bread slices on tawa or non stick pan .Add grated processed cheese ( i …