Memoni Chicken Russian Cutlet / Russian Cutlet

Chicken Russian cutlet is the most favourite snack and a must Recipe during Ramadan times . In this chicken is boiled and added with mashed potatoes , veggies , white sauce and seasonings , later is dipped in egg wash and rolled in vermicelli or cornflakes and butter crumbs mixture , lastly is deep/shallow fried until golden brown.

Chicken Russian Cutlet is an aged old creamy starter , I very well remember when I was in 6th grade ( class ) I use to visit my aunt place and there during Ramadan time , she use to make these delicious chicken Russian cutlet , though I was too young at that time so had no knowledge on cooking but we all use to bind them together and give the chicken Russian Cutlet a medium size flat round shape . In fact we use to add spaghetti / boiled noodles too . Here is my lip smacking and authentic Russian cutlet Recipe , I am sure you will like it...! 


200 gms chicken boneless 
2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
3-4 medium potatoes
3-4 green chillies crushed in mortar pestle 
1 small tsp pepper powder 
1/8 tsp pepper powder 
salt to taste 
3 tbsp butter 
2 tbsp all purpose flour ( maida )  
2 cups milk 
1/2 cup grated carrots 
1/2 cup finely chopped green cpsicum 
3/4 cup cheese grated ( optional ) 
Lemon  wedges for garnish 

2 eggs 
2 -3 cups cornflakes 
1 cup bread crumbs 
2-3 cups vermicelli (seviyan )  
1/8 tsp pepper powder 
Oil for deep frying 


  1.  Boil chicken with ginger garlic paste and salt , once done shred the chicken and keep aside .
  2. Boil potatoes separately , peel and keep aside , whisk 2 eggs with 1 tbsp water , until fluffy and keep aside.
  3. Crush corn flakes roughly in a large bowl or plate , and combine it with bread crumbs , mix and keep aside , if you using roasted seviyan then skip this step , crush some seviyan into small pieces and keep aside.  
  4. Now prepare white sauce , in a sauce pan heat butter and add all purpose flour ( maida ) and saute for a couple of minutes .
  5. Gradually add milk , stirring it to avoid lumps , now add salt , 1/8 tsp pepper , mix well . Remove the pan from heat . Let the sauce come to room temperature.
  6. In a large bowl , add chicken , mashed potatoes, salt , 1 small tsp pepper powder , crushed green chillies , grated cheese ( optional ) and white sauce , mix everything well . ( do not panic , in this step the mixture would be sticky and a bit thick saucy type ) NOTE : Here in this step if you think that you will not able to handle sticky and saucy mixture , then just refrigerate the chicken mixture for about an hour and then once the mixture gets body to it , shape them and dip in egg wash and then roll in breadcrumbs .
  7. Take a medium sized chicken mixture and shape it into a flat medium or large round size patty. Make rest of the patty with the remaining chicken mixture. 
  8. In a kadhai heat sufficient oil , now dip each cutlets in egg wash and then roll in cornflake and breadcrumb mixture or roughly crushed seviyan , deep /shallow fry them in batches until golden brown . ( best when You shallow fry them )
  9. Drain on an absorbent paper and serve hot with coriander mint chutney or chilly chutney and lemon wedges. { Recipe by Zulekha Arafat }

  • You can either roll in crushed roasted seviyan ( vermicelli ) or in crushed cornflake bread crumbs mixture.
  • You can even roll in just bread crumbs and fry .
  • You can either deep fry or shallow fry too , but better if you shallow fry them.
  • You can even prepare chicken Russian Cutlet in appe pan too , just make ball shape, dip in egg wash , after rolling in seviyan or cornflakes/ breadcrumbs , add each balls in each appe pan slot and fry by adding 1 tbsp oil in each slot , keep rolling the chicken balls at intervals until golden brown. ( do not cover the pan , or else the chicken cutlets will become soggy ) 
  • You can even add boiled noodles / spaghetti  too .
  • You can even add 1-2 tbsp soya sauce and if needed green chilly sauce .If you adding green chilly sauce then add only one green chilly crushed or do not add any number of green chillies depending on your taste preferences.
  • If you feel the chicken mixture after adding the white prepared sauce is too sticky and you are not able to manage it , shape them and Refrigerate for an hour , at the time of frying remove the cutlet from refrigerator half an hour before frying , dip in egg wash , roll in vermicelli / cornflakes breadcrumbs mixture and fry them golden brown. 
  • Decrease or increase the use of pepper powder as per your preferences. 

SERVES : 4 -5 Persons.

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