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Green Lemon Chicken

Green Lemon Chicken is very different and very delicious too , here in this recipe , chinese sauces and basic ingredient like coriander and lemon are added to give that much different and balance taste.

In fact few days before , I happened to order lemon Chicken in one of the Restaurants , and they served this Green Lemon Chicken . As I wasn't sure about the taste , but to my surprise this dish turned out to be so delicious , that I could not resist my self from trying it at home. 

Basically as we all know that chinese dishes are marinated , deep fried and then tossed in few chinese sauces and served hot . But here I have not deep fried, just pan fried my chicken and then tossed with chinese sauces , If you want to make this dish with the same old method of deep frying the marinated chicken pieces with egg , all purpose flour and cornflour , you can as it depends on you . In this Recipe there are two main Ingredients one is coriander paste and the second one is lemon juice.

Without m…

White Chicken / Creamy White Chicken / Safed Murgha

Safed murgh or White Chicken is rich in texture and creamy in gravy . White Chicken is one of my those easy and quick recipes , which has scrumptious taste and looks royal too , it's an hassle free Recipe .
White Chicken is cooked separately and so is the gravy , which has cashew base , and then both combined to give a rich and aromatic flavor. You can prepare it in boneless chicken or with bones , I like both the ways but my boneless chicken has to be of leg thigh.

This is one of those experiments which was successful from my end. In fact after I made this white chicken 2-3 years back , my husband fell in love with my Creamy White Chicken , that every now and then he wants me to cook this. As he preferably calls it " Safed Murgha " he can have it at any day or time and I can prepare at any time , even if I am in my sleep. The last sentence was too much of exaggeration though , I know , hehehe...!

But trust me at least make this once and you will understand our exaggeration…

Butter Chicken Biryani Recipe

Butter Chicken Biryani , as the name says it all , is an aromatic , flavourful and colourful biryani which has a gravy of Butter Chicken . This Biryani is one of the best one after the authentic chicken biryani , served with boondi raita or onion curd raita or curd mint dip . In fact I remember I first time had butter chicken biryani in one of the Mumbai 's Restaurant where they served with hung curd mint dip and I instantly fell in love with it. Since then I always serve my Authentic Biryani and Butter Chicken Biryani with hung curd mint dip.

Though in Restaurants , they do not add potatoes in Biryani's , but at home I always make sure to add fried potatoes in my authentic Biryani but not in this one. Some do add potatoes in all Biryani's be it any variation or authentic ones . Here in this recipe I have not added potatoes and have tried to keep it the way they serve in Restaurants. Without much ado , here is my delicious , delectable and lip smacking recipe of Butter Chic…

Lemon Chicken Recipe

Lemon Chicken , a tasty and delicious dish , is flavorful and easy to make with ingredients all easily available on your kitchen shelf. Lemon chicken is marinated with lemon juice , then roasted with few spices and fried onions in oil and lastly cooked with curd , which gives a thick gravy . As the name says it all , the main Ingredient is but ofcourse Lemon , but as you can not add alone lemon to the chicken which in turn will make the dish too sour , so I added have honey to it . In fact when initially I made , I had added sugar but then this time I replaced it , with honey and the results were better.

Some add fresh sugar cane juice where as some add orange juice too to reduce the acid in lemon , but I have added honey to it . Without much ado , Here is my recipe of Lemon Chicken ....!


750 gms chicken ( with bones ) 
1 lemon 
2 small tsp coriander powder 
1 cup beaten curd 
4 -5 green chilies slit 
1/2 tsp turmeric powder 
1/2 tsp paprika powder ( optional ) 
1/8 tsp turmeric p…

Urad Gosht

Urad Gosht is a delectable recipe where Black gram Lentils and lamb meat , both are cooked separately along with spices and then they are mixed together well , followed by baghar ( tempering ) . Urad Gosht is served preferably with rice but I like it with chapatis too. 

Urad Gosht is my husband most favourite dish , as he has grown up having it . I wasn't aware of this combination though , but was introduced by my mother in law after I got married to him . This is one of the most famous dish in ( Uttar Pradesh ) , as all have their own versions , I have been making this Recipe since past 3 years now , but did not get the chance to upload it , here is my take on it . Hope you like my version too , here is my recipe of Urad Gosht.. !


250 gms lamb meat
2 small onions
1/2 tsp garam masala powder
1 tsp red chilly powder ( spicy )
2 tsp coriander powder
Coriander for garnishing
2 tsp ginger garlic paste
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1 cup black gram lentil
2 tsp ginger garlic paste
3-4 gre…