Tawa Masala Prawns / Pan Fried Prawns

Prawns Tawa Masala/Pan Fried Prawns is easy , lip smacking and soft with authentic flavor .
In this Recipe of mine , prawns are just marinated with few ingredients and then pan fried on high flame until the prawns are cooked.

As coming from machiwala background , we have a habit of cleaning them quickly , as I still remember before my marriage , dad or uncle's used to send 1-2 kg prawns every alternate day for cooking them in lunch . So had to shell out quickly as we had a joint family , and it was fun to do so . At times peeled ones were also been send home , as per their convenience . Coming back to Prawns Tawa Masala/Pan Fried Prawns , when you have unpeeled prawns , then please mind it while peeling it or you might hurt your fingers.

Here is my Recipe of easy , peasy Prawns Tawa Masala / Pan fried prawns. 


Two bowl fresh prawns ( peeled OR unpeeled )

2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
2 tsp red chilly powder
coriander leaves for garnishing 

  • Take few big prawns , you can take peeled ones too. 
  • Twist and pull the head of each prawns (make sure you go easy , as they too pointed and so you can hurt yourself ) 
  • Now pull the tail off , and then remove the whole shell from each prawns . ( its time consuming , so you can use peeled ones too)
  • These are 2 bowl of water one has clean prawns and in the other one need to devein it .
  • To devein it slit slightly from head to tail .
  • Just remove the dark vein and keep in another bowl . Repeat the process with all the shrimps.
  • Wash thoroughly and keep them aside .
  • In a bowl place all the cleaned and washed prawns , add salt , ginger garlic paste and red chilly powder . Marinate for half an hour .

  • In a pan heat oil , add the prawns and fry on high flames .

  • Turn off the gas once the water has dried up , as till then the prawns would be done too . Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.

  • If the prawns are fresh, they are more testier .
  • Make sure you have taken big prawns and not the tiny ones for this recipe.
  • Do not cook for long time as it may make prawns hard . 
  • Best if the recipe is made of big prawns or jumbo prawns .



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