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How to make Ras Malai at home

Ras Malai  is a soft cottage cheese flatten pieces , dipped in kesari flavorful creamy milk Rabri . You can either make Paneer at home or if you want to make a quick dessert then , you can make Ras malai by using Ragulla and condensed milk. 

Ras Malai is a creamy , flavorful and scrumptious Bengali Dessert . Here is my Recipe .....!
INGREDIENTS : ( Recipe by Zulekha Arafat )
Paneer ( click here for recipe ) 1 cup sugar 2 cardamom pods handful of pistashios and almonds 3/4 litre full fat milk ( rabri )saffron 
In a large vessel or deep pan , add 3/4 liter milk and bring to a boil. Add pinch of saffron and sugar , once the milk is boiled . Keep the milk on slow flame and let it boil further , make sure you stir at interval of 3-5 minutes. ( I have used full fat buffalo milk ,but you can add full fat cow's milk as well ) Boil until the quantity reduces to almost half and have thicken up , when a layer of thin cream is formed while its boiling , just move it aside with the help of a…

How to make Paneer at home

Paneer is a fresh cheese or curd cheese made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice , vinegar or curd / yogurt .Many vegetarian curries , appetizers and desserts are made by adding paneer as the main Ingredient. 

I prefer home made paneer and love it, with paratha in my breakfasts or in my dinners too. Here is my Recipe of how to make Home Made Paneer .

1 and 1/4 full fat milk 
2 tsp lemon or 2 tsp vinegar or 1/4 cup yoghurt/curd
salt ( optional ) 

Boil the milk in a large pot. ( I have used full fat buffalo's milk , but can use full fat cow's milk as well ) Add the lemon juice or curd or vinegar and stir the milk. Once you add the lemon juice or vinegar or curd , immediately the milk will curdle up , switch off the gas . Add some ice water or ice cubes to prevent the paneer to cook more further and become hard. Let it rest for 2-3 minutes. On a large strainer , keep a muslin cloth and pour this cuddled paneer. Collect together the muslin cloth and make a knot of…

How to make Burnt Garlic Schezwan Chicken

Burnt Garlic Schezwan Chicken is one of my easiest and quickest Recipe, if the chopping is done before hand. Burnt Garlic Schezwan Chicken is an Indo Chinese tempting and appealing appetizer . Here in the Recipe I have used old technique of deep frying the chicken pieces and then tossed them in Chinese sauces . Though usually I stir fry my marinated chicken pieces instead of deep frying them , which is healthy and quick too. But both the techniques are perfect , you can also stir fry chicken pieces in 1 tbsp olive oil or butter after marinating it for few hours instead of deep frying them.

Here is my tongue tickling Recipe of Burnt Garlic Schezwan Chicken.

250 gms boneless chicken 8-10 cloves of finely chopped garlic 1 onion chopped 4-5 cloves of garlic and 3-4 red whole chilies 1 tbsp ginger finely chopped 1 nos green chilly2 tbsp schezwan2-3 tbsp soya1 vingear1/2 tsp sugar1 tbsp cornflour in 1 cup of water1 tsp chilly sauce1 tsp green chilly sauce 1/2 cup Spring onions (…

Thread Chicken Recipe

Thread Chicken is one of my favorite and age old recipe. In this recipe I marinate chicken strips for few hours and then bind it with eggs , cornflour , all purpose flour and roll the marinated chicken in samosa patti strips and then deep fry them until they turn crispy and golden in colour. Thread Chicken is best when served with schezwan sauce ( click here for recipe

This method of rolling in samosa patti has changed over the years and replaced by ready made thread like ingredient , called "THREADS "  for thread chicken which is easily available in market to be rolled with , but I still prefer my 20 years old , method of chopping the samosa pattis into thin strips and rolling the chicken into it and then deep frying them into crispy Thread chicken. 

For biding too , I have made it very easy , nor do I use egg nor all purpose flour , just cornflour and roll in samosa strips and deep fry them.
Here is my easy , peasy , quick recipe of Thread Chicken, I am sure you will love i…

Khau sey recipe

Khau Sey is a very famous pakistani dish , in which mutton thick gravy is served with boiled spagethi and thick curd gravy ( kadhi ) topped with some fried and crispy condiments.

Khau sey takes me to a long back nostalgic memory lane in which my sis in law's mom use to send us this delicious  khau sey when ever she could. In fact when the first time she had sent , i was really floored with the authentic taste of it , 20 years back. There are many recipes of Khau sey , but this one is the best and an authentic one.

So when I wanted to have khausey this time, I asked for the same authentic recipe of her's , which is too tempting and delicious .
Thank you @tehsin motorwala ( aunty) for your authentic age old recipe of khau sey . I just have tweaked kadhi 's recipe, which is to be served along with it . This one is super easy , and delicious Khau sey recipe , I am sure you will love it.

3 tbsp heaped gram flour1/2 liter curd 4-5 cups of water …