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Lucknowi Chicken korma

Lucknowi Chicken Korma is full of flavors and is delectable in taste . This lip smacking Recipe is just too amazing and has all the ingredients that you will find on your kitchen rack . As we all are aware of the Lucknow's succulent and delicious dishes like Biryani 's , kebbabs , kormas , sheer mal , kofte and so on..... It is a must Recipe if you are a foodie by heart and love exploring new dishes .

Though me and my hubby , we both are by heart foodie person , so I keep on trying new recipes specially for him . Though I am not from Lucknow nor I have visited any time but just through some information and yes online recipes I picked up ideas and assumed that such would be the taste . So here is my recipe from the Nawab's city Lucknow , that is what the city is addressed by , Lucknowi Chicken Korma .....I am sure you will like it .

1 kg chicken ( 8 - 10 pieces ) net meg mace 2 -3 green cardamom1 stick cinnamom stick 2-3 pepper corns 2-4 cloves 1 bay leaf 4 slice…

Recipe Of Chicken Tikka Cheese Frankie

Frankie is one of its kind with a range of varieties, like veg Frankie, potato Frankie, paneer Frankie, mutton Frankie , chicken Frankie , butter chicken frankie , chicken tikka cheese frankie and so on and on, the list is endless . Frankie is an Indian bread rolled with chicken / paneer / vegetables tossed in hot spices and flavored onions .

Actually I always make my regular Mutton Frankie or Butter chicken Frankie but some days back when I had gone for shopping I happened to have a veg cheese Frankie and to my surprise it was so delicious and so was his method of making it , that I had to try my version of it . Though as I am a chicken lover so tried making a non veg version of it , Chicken Tikka Cheese Frankie . Try it and I am sure you gonna love my Chicken Tikka Cheese Frankie ....!


1 kg boneless chicken 
2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
2 tsp tandoori masala 
1/4 cup curd 
1 tbsp lemon 
1/4 tsp garam masala powder 
1/4 tsp cumin powder
salt to taste 
1-2 tbsp oil  
1 …