Recipe Of Creamy Noodles Kabbabs / Noodles kabbabs

Creamy Noodles Kabbabs / Noodles kabbabs are lip smacking and delicious snacks served with mint coriander chutney or red chilly chutney or schezwan chutney . These delectable kabbabs are loved by all age groups as it's creamy texture makes it so delicious. Here is the recipe of Creamy Noodles Kabbabs / Noodles kabbabs.


100 gms chicken boneless 
2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 cups noodles 
3-4 green chillies crushed in mortar pestle 
1 small tsp pepper powder 
1/8 tsp pepper powder 
1/2 tsp mixed herbs 
1/2 tbsp chilly flakes
salt to taste 
3 tbsp butter 
1 tbsp all purpose flour ( maida )  
1 cups milk 
3-4 tbsp corrinader leaves
3 tbsp mayonnaise 
2 -3 tbsp soya sauce 
2 tbsp green chilly sauce 
1/2 - 3/4 cup cheese grated ( optional ) 
Lemon  wedges for garnish 

2 eggs 
2 -3 cups cornflakes 
1 cup bread crumbs 
2-3 cups vermicelli (seviyan )  
1/8 tsp pepper powder 
Oil for deep frying 

  1. Boil chicken with ginger garlic paste and salt , once done shred the chicken and keep aside .
  2. Boil separately water with some salt and 1 tbsp soya sauce , add 1/4 packet hakka noodles roughly crushed , boil until al dente , drain and keep aside .
  3. Whisk 1 eggs with 1 tbsp water and salt , until fluffy and keep aside.
  4. Crush corn flakes roughly in a large bowl or plate , and combine it with bread crumbs , mix and keep aside , if you using roasted seviyan then skip this step , crush some seviyan into small pieces and keep aside.  ( I have used seviyan ( vermicelli ) ) 
  5. Now prepare white sauce , in a sauce pan heat butter and add all purpose flour ( maida ) and saute for a couple of minutes .
  6. Gradually add milk , stirring it to avoid lumps , now add salt , 1/8 tsp pepper , mix well . Remove the pan from heat . Let the sauce come to room temperature.
  7. In a large bowl , add chicken , boiled noodles , salt , 1 small tsp pepper powder , crushed green chillies , chilly flakes , mixed herbs ,
    grated cheese ( optional ) , mayonnaise, coriander leaves and white sauce , mix everything well . ( do not panic , in this step the mixture would be sticky and a bit thick saucy type ) NOTE : Here in this step if you think that you will not able to handle sticky and saucy mixture , then just refrigerate the chicken mixture for about an hour and then once the mixture gets body to it , shape them and dip in egg wash and then roll in breadcrumbs .
  8. Take a medium sized chicken noodles mixture and shape it into a flat medium or large round size patty. Make rest of the patty with the remaining mixture. 
  9. In a kadhai heat sufficient oil , now dip each flat disc in egg wash and then roll in cornflakes and breadcrumb mixture or roughly crushed seviyan , shallow fry them in batches until golden brown . 
  10. Drain on an absorbent paper and serve hot with coriander mint chutney or chilly chutney and lemon wedges. { Recipe by Zulekha Arafat }

  • You can either roll in crushed roasted seviyan ( vermicelli ) or in crushed cornflake bread crumbs mixture.
  • You can even roll in just bread crumbs and fry.
  • Increase or decrease number of green chillies depending on your preferences.
  • If you feel the mixture after adding the white prepared sauce is too sticky and you are not able to manage it , shape them and Refrigerate for an hour , at the time of frying remove the cutlet from refrigerator half an hour before frying , dip in egg wash , roll in vermicelli / cornflakes breadcrumbs mixture and fry them golden brown. 
  • Decrease or increase the use of pepper powder as per your preferences. 

SERVES : 2-3 Persons.

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